Panel resize by user

I’m wondering if it is possible to make Panels resizable by the user.

According to!/thread/205335
it isn’t. There’s also no mention of that in the book that I could find. However when I look at the Sampler, there’s a Panel than can be resized at the lower right corner ( …

I think this might be an integrated gwt widget like
this one
how to do that

So…the official example for a Panel is not a Panel at all?

No the panel is actually a Panel but the Resizable Panel which is around every sampler example is a third party component.
It let’s you resize the layout around the Panel. So if you set the Vaadin Panel to something different to 100% width and height the resizing Panel won’t have much of an effect on it.
There are a few custom build/third party components in the sampler.

You can use!addon/resizablecsslayout-add-on