No TreeTable replacement on Vaadin 8?

I am currently migrating to vaadin 8, and trying to use the new versions of everything and dropping the compatibility-package. However, I have just come across the fact that there’s no TreeTable replacement? I see that the TreeTable is deprecated, so I went to check which was the new component to use, and haven’t found any.

I’ve seen on another thread that there’s a TreeGrid as add-on (!addon/vaadin-treegrid), but it says it’s not compatible with Vaadin8.

I am posting this here in the hopes that I am missing something and that there’s a replacement for this :slight_smile:

component is a core component in 8.1 version, currently on beta. Check this


In our case, I think it would be too risky for us to use a beta version (we are thinking we should have waited for the version 8 to be more stable before migrating). So I’ll guess I’ll wait. Good to know it’s going to happen.

I find it funny that they deprecate something without having the new implementation done. :stuck_out_tongue:

Hello. I urge you to
try out and use the 8.1 beta
, since it is for gathering feedback and making sure the 8.1.0 Final version will be good enough for the new features. If we get no feedback, then 8.1.0 Final will be the same as beta, so you might aswell have started using it…

The reason why we wanted to release
without the new hierarchical data support (w/o TreeGrid and Tree), was that it is only some subset of projects that actually show hierarchical data. If we would have worked on to include that in the initial 8.0, we would have needed to postpone the 8.0 to around April. So we chose to leave that out, and yet you could migare from 7 to 8 since the compatibility package allows you to still use your old Tree and TreeTable. So we wanted to release it earlier, and as we knew that we were going to replace those bits in 8.1, we deprecated them.

Hopefully this wall of text makes it more clear to why it happened like this.

OK. Thanks for taking the time to explain.