Integration with docking frameworks

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Does any docking framework exist for Vaadin or is it possible to integrate, for example, Dock Spawn ( to Vaadin?
— tl;dr —

First of all, I need to emphasize that I’m new to Vaadin and web development. My experience is mainly with desktop applications using C++ and Java. Now, I have a task to develop an application architecture and development framework for wide-area applications. As the experience of the team is similar to mine, I am headed towards Vaadin to keep away heavliy learning html, javascript, css, and web frameworks, especially ui frameworks like jquery, react, angular, etc…

First thing to do is developing a proof-of-concept application to examing several aspects on developer and user experience, performance, and stability.

One of the UI requirements is dockable windows. I coudn’t find in Vaadin docs. Searching what others are doing, I have encountered Dock Spawn (, which looks very promising to me. It says it is written in Dart (one more thing to learn?!). Its archive contains dart, js, angularjs folders. As I said at the beginning I don’t want to learn all those now, I need to prototype PoC application.

Do you have an idea, how i can integrate Dock Spawn to Vaadin application or is there any other docking framework that is already integrated?

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Hi. If you know desktop GUI development, you’ll like Vaadin for sure. As you may have already noticed, It’s pretty much the same philosophy but you get an HTML5 application. Anyhow… you should have a look at the
. There are hundreds of add-ons there. For example, the

add-ons might help.

Thank you Alejandro, I’ll be checking Directory.
I’ve looked at the examples you advised; they seem useful if I decide to write a docking container/layout, especially DnD’ing items are very useful.

Thanks a lot.

Hello again everybody,

I’m searching for a means to capture window drag events. com.vaadin.ui.Window seems not declaring a method like “addMoveListener”, nor its ancestors.
There is com.vaadin.client.ui.VWindow which has “addMoveHandler”, but this class is in client-side. I thought those two classes are matched, that is Window is “server-side counterpart” of VWindow; appearantly not.

Any idea or tip on listening sub-window movement?


Hi again,
If anyone is interested, please check the post!/thread/14001816.

A correction: Yes, VWindow is indeed counterpart of Window.

Any luck on creating or finding a docking framework? If so, I am extremely interested.