how to debug infinite comunication loop between client and server

hello vaadiners

I have a custom timeline/gantt chart component , which I recently tweaked a lot, and at some point of development I get this infinite communication loop between the client and the server

I can see endless number of post requests to/for the same url in firebug

How can I find which part of my code causes this error?

What kind of details should I provide to get help?

And where can I find more details about client-server comunication ?

Thanks for your help in advance!

I desperately need help


Ps in which forum category should I post addon-development related questions similar to this?

There’s some stuff in Book of Vaadin that talks about this.
Client-Server Architecture
Developing New Components
should be the most helpful for you. What you probably want to do is to use
to debug your widget.

Putting breakpoints at the server side component’s changeVariables() and/or paintContent() methods, or your widget’s updateFromUIDL() method.

This category should be okay to ask addon development questions.