Cant add vertical-layout in VadinDesignerUI


I follow how to build View with DesignerUI on this link.

I follow steps such as:

  1. Setting up env and download starter project.

  2. Import project into intellij and create main-view.ts in frontend/src/views based on this steps.

  3. DesignerUI opened in Chrome and i need to add vaadin-vertical-view into main layout stated in this step.

  4. I try to click on component/layout/vaadin-vertical-layout and drag it into layout. It returns an error message "Required dependency missing. Add the to project to use ... ".

How could I add this missing dependency? Something the i forget to add in pom.xml?

this is my pom.xml :

            <!-- Replace artifactId with vaadin-core to use only free components -->



       ... ommit depencies related with springboot.


Any help is appreciated.

Hi @sanga2,

Make sure you run your project at least once before using Vaadin Designer. It requires the project having been run so that all frontend resources are present (it scans/indexes your node-modules folder.

Also, are you using Vaadin 23 or 24?

I use Vaadin24. I think i have figured it out what caused it. I tried to code in airport in which its network didn’t support centralized authentication smth. So my subscription could not validated.

At home I can verify my subscription and designer UI shows all needed layout.

It is strange because i already add offline key on my users. I should be able to use it even offline. but nevermind, it works now and at least i know what caused it.

many thanks @Rodolfo_Felipe for your assistance.


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Great to know @sanga2,

It’s strange that it didn’t work with the offline license, unless you renewed your subscription recently and the offline license expired or something. Happy to know things are working as expected though! :smiley: