Would like my extension of NavigationManager to have the same back button a

Am writing my first little app with Touchkit; I have a number of views, mostly extending NavigationView. When I navigate to the next view of one of those, a little back button appears at the upper left of the page, allowing the user to click on it to go back to the previous page. All of that works fine.

I am implementing a page to scroll through pictures. Per the docs page on Mobile Components, from the section on SwipeView, it extends NavigationManager, not NavigationView. It works fine in that it allows the user to swipe back and forth through the pictures. However, it has no button at all to return to the previous page.

Do I have to implement that one myself? Any way to position it exactly where the other one was? Or can I somehow extend NavigationView and still get this functionality (kinda doubt that from the way the doc sounded).

question 2: some of the pictures are turned 90 degrees from where they ought to be, even though they don’t show up that way in Windows Explorer on the Win7 machine I use for development and as my debug server. Any tips on getting those right?


Ok, am ready to change this question a little bit. The docs that explain SwipeView say

A SwipeView should be an immediate child of the NavigationManager, but can contain a NavigationView to provide button navigation as well.

The example they give on https://vaadin.com/docs/-/part/touchkit/mobile-components.html doesn’t have a NavigationView anywhere, so I’m not sure where I’m supposed to put it or how to get it to take over the screen. I would like a NavigationView to maintain the button in the upper left to go back to the last view, and a SwipeView on the page to browse through the pictures. Can someone explain to me how to get the NavigationView involved?