World map / regions / markers

Does anyone know of a component that can be used in Vaadin that displays a map (ie world map), with highlightable regions / drill-ins and markers to mark events. I know there is Visualization (GeoChart) but that is flash based and I cannot have a flash based solution.

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There’s a
DotMap add-on
that does similar thing, though it seems to be mostly an eye-candy. Also
GoogleMap Widget
(I don’t know exactly how substantial its functionality is).


You should take a look at the
OpenLayers add-on
if you are not happy with the licensing and terms of use of Google Maps. Not sure if it does quite everything you want, but it can already do quite a lot.

Well, I’d say not only due to licensing. There are numerous features in OL wrapper and it also should perform better e.g. if you have lots of dynamically changing vectors on your base map (vectors are Vaadin components so updates are optimized to only for the changed part).


Everybody is talking about what the OL add-on does, but nobody gives a link to the documentation of its contents!! How am I supposed to do anything with it if I don’t know what’s inside it?!

As vopenlayers is more or less one-to-one mapping of OpenLayers to Vaadin, you can use its documentation at

Not everything is supported under the Vaadin component, though, so
use the source Luke

There are also lots of examples

Thanks :slight_smile: