Why is Vaadin's documentation so poor... beyond my comprehension...

Why do I have to spend so much time just finding out how to install a Context Menu on a Table??
Why isn’t there a section about it in Book of Vaadin? isn’t it a valid subject?!?!

and the list goes on and on… everything is a mystery in this framework - up to you to google everything and struggle to find the solution for something so common for a simple knoweldge base system…

I understand that bugs are difficult to fix, but documentation? of a company’s product??

Tedious, so tedious is developing in this framework… like picking up grass with a boxing glove…

Marko Grönroos

I think Vaadin is one of the best UI framworks for Java out there
for free
and you are complaining about documentation? There is the Book of Vaadin and beyond that there are more than enough examples…
And if you are looking for a decent ContextMenu I can recommend
this one