When is vaadin Book examples code ready for version 7 ?

I’m trying to learn vaadin 7 and fetched the code from http://dev.vaadin.com/svn/doc/book-examples/trunk/src/com/vaadin/demo.
Starting with v6 does not make sense to me, as there have been a lot of changes.
After hours of changing deprecated stuff to run the 4.2 MyHierarchicalUI example I’m stuck in upgrading the underlying TableExample.java and somewhat frustrated. I is hard enough to learn all the concepts, so I don’t understand why
the excellent book is underpinned with outdated code.
This creates questions if vaadin would be the right choice for our projects.

So, will the example code be available to v7 ? Is there a timeline ? Or did somebody with more vaadin background
the upgrade already ?


Please look at the roadmap. It is still a work in progress.

However, please go through the wiki to get some help

Hi, the trunk you referred to is Vaadin 6. The Vaadin 7 examples are at http://dev.vaadin.com/svn/doc/book-examples/branches/vaadin-7 . Yes I know it’s a bit wrong way, the trunk should be Vaadin 7 and Vaadin 6 should be in a maintenance branch.

It’s usually easier to view the book demos at

They are mostly updated to Vaadin 7, except some, which are still broken.