What is the best way to make my app responsive ?

Hi guys,

I am trying to make my Vaadin app responsive but I am really frustrated. I can’t find the right solution, I am lost with all the existings projects (Touch Kit, Board, Responsive Themes) …

I read this
Responsive Themes
but it’s all about CSS hacks and that’s not what I am really looking for as we chose to use Vaadin for avoiding this kind of things …

Is there a simple way to make an app responsive ?



If you don’t want to put your hands dirty with CSS (hacks) you have two very good options:

  1. Do it all in Java
  2. Re-use existing responsive layouts. There is a (badly documented) menu & main layout rules available in Valo, but I’d probably go for example with Jarek’s awesome
    Responsive Layout add-on
    or with the lately released
    Vaadin Board
    (which is basically one responsive layout with a clean Java API).

I hope this helps!