What Happened to the FIlterTable ?

What Happened to the FIlterTable ?
Where is FilterTable addons?

Let me know please
Thank you

I’ll bump that thread since I definitely want that too.
Where did that addon go?
If it was merged into the core, please point us to the documentation on how to do that?

Having to implement dynamic filters on our own could be a show-stopper for vaadin.

And i need it too :wink:

I don’t know what the filter table was supposed to do.
But you can filter the content of a table easily by applying filters on it’s container see
this chapter in the book

Well, I don’t know what
FilterTable did but AFAIK it was just a UI improvement for creating container filters.
So basically you have (at least) one edit field per filterable column in the table header or footer and when you enter some filter criteria the container filters are updated.

Currently I’m doing it with an external form but that feels and looks awkward, especially if there are a whole lot of columns. A FilterTable would render each of those filters in the column headers and make the filter input part of the table.

According to the old threads and links I found there already
a FilterTable but the Vaadin guys seem to have removed it (or maybe the author of the addon did that) and I couldn’t find any clue why. In today’s web frameworks those components are getting more and more common and I’m not sure what to think of a framework that just doesn’t provide those basic additions to standard components.

Probably the author of the add-on (whoever it was) has removed the add-on - I don’t see anyone in the Vaadin team removing somebody else’s add-on unless there is e.g. a clear copyright violation.

My personal guess about the reason is that it was hard to maintain compatible with current Vaadin versions. The current Table component is very complex and not really designed for extensibility, especially on the client side if the add-on needed to extend it.

While we certainly recognize the need to improve the Table component and make it more extensible, when that happens is still open, but at least some of the improvements planned for it depend on items that are on the Vaadin 7 roadmap.

I am using Vaadin 7 and it works, it just a pain that i can not locate the JavaDocs …

According to the thread, the author did not remove it, but for some reason the directory page for it is broken, and the people who could fix it are on vacation. Here is the link to the thread for it: https://vaadin.com/forum#!/thread/1168868