Webinar: Integrating Vaadin views into Struts and JSF applications

Do you have an existing JSF of Struts application and would like to integrate a Vaadin-based view into your existing app? Join the webinar to get tips on how to do this in the best possible way. Add your questions and comments beforehand and we’ll be sure to address all your concerns and use-cases in the webinar. The webinar is hosted by Vaadin Experts Matti Tahvonen and Alejandro Duarte.

Webinar takes place on Thursday May 12, 2016 @ 2PM CEST


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You can post your questions below, thank you!

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Thank you, Alejandro! I watched the webinar, and it was very well presented by you and Matti! Thanks for sharing such informations!


Thank you - great webinar!

I have a question: If I want to integrate more than one different vaadin view in my jsp-pages, i.e.

    <vaadin:ui url="/example1"/>
    <vaadin:ui url="/example2"/>

must I implement a separte subclass of com.vaadin.ui.UI for each?

If yes, how would the web.xml (init-params, servlet-mappings) look like?

Best regards,

You need to define two different servlets and they can use the same UI implementation if you want. Map them to the “example1” and “example2” URLs and it should work.

Thank you for your answer!

One more question:
Which one of the two servlets should map to the url-pattern " /VAADIN/* " ? Both is not possible.

/VAADIN is used to serve static resources, so you can pick any of them.