Webinar: Building Modern Apps with Vaadin and Liferay


Starting today May 22, 2014 at 3p CET

Join experts from Vaadin and Liferay to learn how to build modern, great-looking apps by combining Vaadin and Liferay Portal. Mac Przepióra from Vaadin and James Falkner from Liferay show how to easily and quickly develop real-world apps with working code. We’ll also discuss what’s new in Liferay and Vaadin, and what’s to come.

Here we go. Welcome all!

We have reserved time in the end of the webinar to answer your questions. To ask Mac and/or James simply place your questions here in this thread.

The github page for the example application:


Vaadin Portlet API’s are developing during the webinar :slight_smile:


Is there some difference in portlet usage between version EE and CE that limits Vaadin framework?

Hey Bruno,

No, there is no difference between EE and CE that would affect Vaadin on Liferay. If you use the new archetype for Vaadin+Liferay (that embeds Vaadin into your web app) you also do not have to worry about which version of Vaadin is installed on your Liferay instance as well, which is really great. I am going to convert my sample app I demo’d in the above video to use it and post it on github in the next day or two.

I can’t find the new maven archetype in eclipse. What I have to do to find this archetype in eclipse?

I searched in
for the new archetype but there it doesn’t appear. I just can find it through the search of the “Maven Central” page and download it manually…


That is pretty nasty feature in Eclipse Maven integration. I have no idea what trickers its archetype index refresh…

You can add it manually in the mean time and it will by found:

artifactId: vaadin-archetype-liferay-portlet
groupId: com.vaadin
version: 7.2.0


Thanks for the reply. That’s really a bit crappy with eclipse.
I done all what you said and now everything works.


Hello guys…you talked about changing embedded vaadin version to the latest one…and I think this you be my aproach since I have many vaadin portlets in my app, so the concept of “self contained portlet” is not good in my case.
OK, so, for vaadin that is ok…very easy to change the embedded version.
But, my question is about hibernate…is there a way to change embedded version of hibernate to 4? will i get in trouble doing that?..
thanks a lot…

There is an
open issue to upgrade Liferay to Hibernate 4
, but it’s not done yet (it’s also not supported from an enterprise perspective). You won’t “get in trouble” :slight_smile: But I’ve no idea if it would actually work simply replacing 3.x JAR files with 4.x JAR files (it probably won’t, but I’d be curious if it did!).

thanks for reply james…

Can any one help me please i followed every step mentioned in https://vaadin.com/wiki/-/wiki/Main/Integrating+Vaadin+7+with+Liferay
but i’m still cannot run my vaadin 7.3.1 maven archetype application in liferay 6.2-ce-ga2
This is the error message in the console i’m seeing
10:19:15,470 WARN [http-bio-8080-exec-7]

{code=“404”, msg=“/VAADIN/vaadinPush.debug.js”, uri=/VAADIN/vaadinPush.debug.js}
10:19:15,472 WARN [http-bio-8080-exec-2]

{code=“404”, msg=“/VAADIN/vaadinBootstrap.js”, uri=/VAADIN/vaadinBootstrap.js}

This is the alert message message i’m getting when i added my war file into welcome page
Failed to load Widget set vaadinBootstrap.js

In 7.3.1 version i didn’t found vaadin-shared-deps.jar, where is it located?


Solved my problem… :slight_smile:

Hello all,

Can any one help me plz I am getting struck with an error while creating liferay vaddin portlet. I am using liferay 6.2 ce .

public void init() {
Window window = new Window(“Vaadin Portlet Application”);
t(new Label(“Hello Vaadin user!”));


Hi Sai,

Could you let us know what the problem is and how you solved it.


Sorry, that looks like old Vaadin 6 code, not Vaadin 7…

It’s never a problem if you use the Vaadin 7 Control Panel and the shared environment :smiley:

Hi All,
Please check this

Can you please help me to solve this