Vaddin Spreadsheet performance


I’m just trying out Vaadin Spreadsheet. In general it works fine and meets my requirements but when editing an Excel file with 100 columns and 75 rows it reacts very slow. When clicking on a cell and start writing it took app 1-2 seconds until you see the characters. And when scolling the document it took several seconds until the screen is updated.

When using an Excel file with less rows and columns the performance is ok.

Is there any way to improve the performance for large Excel files?

Thanks for your help

Hi Rolf,

What version of Vaadin Spreadsheet are you using? and what browser?

Could you attach one sample file where the performance issue is noticeable? Does it also have multiple styles?

There has been some perfomance improvements in last versions, but there still might be some conditions which affect performance.


Hi Guillermo,

Here is the Excel file. I use Speadsheet version 1.1.7. The perfomance varies on different browsers. Chrome is the fastest, Microsoft the slowest and Firefox is between. I also converted the xls file to xlsx but there is no difference. Another problem is the double lined frame at the lower right side of the sheet. In Vaadin Spreadsheet the lines are not completely displayed.

Thanks for your help

25701.xls (87.5 KB)

Hi Rolf,

I looked at the file and can agree there are some performance issues, I must admit I wasn’t expecting the file to have 75k cells visible at the same time without scrolling, in my opinion it feels like there’s something wrong with the intended use in this case, it’s even quite heavy when loading it in excel.

There is work in progress regarding performance improvements but I’m not sure how much it will improve in this scenario.

Regarding the borders you mention in lower right side I think it’s a bug and should be reported in

Sorry I couldn’t help more in this case

I am having the same problem. My excel is attached. It’s large (29kb) and being opened in a modal window. The spreadsheet is just too slow for the end user to input data? Any help would be appriciated…
32103.xls (29 KB)

Hi Brian,

I checked your file in
Spreadsheet online demo
in the “upload file example” and it seems to work load and behave normally. I wonder if the modal window is causing some issue. Performance might also related to the browser. What browser are you using?

It looks like not all formulas are working though, that might be related to some limitation in Apache POI or be an issue in vaadin spreadsheet, if you find a specific issue you can report it in
, don’t forget to attach the file to reproduce it in the report