Vaadin very lagging in FIREFOX

Hey Vaadin team any comments regarding poor perfomance in FireFox ? I had created post regarding that but no one cares. Please open it in FireFox
, and just scroll it. It’s immposible to use in FireFox. I think vaadin (javascript side) has rly big problems in the FireFox.

If you use Page up and down, it works fine. The only issue is with the scroll panel and how much the mouse wheel scrolls.

No this is not normal.

On boot:
Chrome : INFO: Total layout phase time: 53ms
FireFox: INFO: Total layout phase time: 133ms

On small resize:
Chrome: INFO: Total layout phase time: 18ms
FireFox: INFO: Total layout phase time: 37ms

In FireFox Vaadin rly has bad perfomance. I tried to do simple tabs, own tabs , where tab is hidding via CSS. FireFox freezing between selection, chrome, ie - not.


I think this is the ticket raised for this issue,

Problem not only in grid, it’s complex problem. For example just open fire bug js console, and do resize, and just compare layout phase time with chrome. More, that in Chrome or in IE resizing is smooth, but in FireFox resize is freezy. Some times removing Component.setSizeFull in some layout solving an issue, and perfomanse increasing in mb 30%.


Tried Chrome and Firefox on Mac and Windows, didn’t notice any general performance issues, however scrolling in Windows Firefox is possitively painfull. It’s like a scroll only does a few pixels, as described in aforementioned bug 16865. Tried filtering your list to reduce contents, didn’t improve so it’s not the list size.
Tried 33.1 and latest 37.0.2 on Windows, 35 and latest 36.0.2 on Mac. My mac is rather quick so that might be missleading though, the changeVisibility function does take a while.
Same result on your example and vaadin demo:

Can u show Total layout phase time from console ?

If you would tell me how to, I don’t use Firefox much.

Just press F12 and u will see, like in Chrome.

One more thread about performance of table!/thread/9866234

Ticket about performance degradation since 6.8.13

Only grid ? I mean in average Vaadin is ok in FF?