Vaadin "Upload" component


Why is the Vaadin Framework ‘Upload’ component so basic and nasty looking, when the Vaadin Elements ‘Upload’ component is nice and slick?

How can I use the Elements ‘upload’ component in the (Java) Vaadin Framework?


Hi Sarfraz,

thanks for the feedback, even if in form of a question.

First of all, the looks can of course be changed with theming, so make sure to
try a few Vaadin themes or adapt the Valo theme to your needs. If you still don’t
like the result, why not have a look at the Vaadin Directory?

MultiFileUpload and EasyUploads are my favourites there.

Then, if you would still like to connect JavaScript components to Vaadin, read this
by Henrik Paul.
A very very simple Add-On that demonstrates the technique is my “NumberCaptcha Add-on”.

If you would rather prefer a trainer to go through these steps, have a look at – especially “Client Side” should have what you
are looking for!

HTH+Best Regards,

Like Enver said!

I’d also like to emphasis that the default component set brought in by Vaadin Framework has very conservative browser support requirements, we just cannot brign in all the bells and whisles yet for the core while we still support quite old browsers.

In the future the plan is to use the “Elements” collections upload component as a client side implementation for the framework, but we are not quite there yet.