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I’m planning to start mobile app development so I’m considering using Touchkit. However I would like to access the native features of devices, such as camera, contacts, storage, etc. In order to do that I’m interested in using PhoneGap.

I wasn’t able to find any info pointing that, but is it possible to use Touchkit along with PhoneGap? Is there any other framework like PhoneGap that can allow me access to those kind of feature?

I’d appreciate some feedback asap.


I have not done this before.
And I have not used Touchkit so long unfortunately.

But I know you can inject javascript using Vaadin - so this should be doable using PhoneGap in addition.

Thanks anyway, I was wondering also if using some framework like PhoneGap along with Touchkit would be possible to wrap the source code into a native package to make the app’s distribution and commercialization easier.

And another question, since Touchkit is presented as a Pro Add, what kind of support is available? Only Pro Support?

Again, I’d appreciate any feedback.



The way we use to deploy is .war file deployment. The war file contains everything related to the application, including all used Javascript libs.

If I am not completely wrong you can purchase Touchkit in two ways: subscribe for Pro or purchase a product license only.

Commercial support for TouchKit is available through (separately purchased) support hours for Pro Account.
You can also ask any questions on the forum which usually is quite responsive but getting an answer there is not guaranteed.


There is a possibility coexist in the same project TouchKit and Non-mobile?

Where do I start?

Even though an old thread, maybe
this thread
helps. There should also be other forum threads about how to do this.

Very thanks,

Because I’m not getting to express myself properly. What keyword, entry to search …

I’m seeing some examples that there is a possibility of TouchKit applications get to look feel iOS like, as in:

But when I create a test application, tends to keep a look equal to:

How do I apply a iOS look, using TouchKit 4?

Hi, the Book Examples and Parking demo uses a new theme that is more like the iOS7 theme. It will be used in TouchKit 4 as the new base theme.

The Mail and Vornitologist demos still use the old iOS6 theme.

You can see the differences between iOS6 and 7 at least in
this article about iOS7

Thank you very much.

Now look at that: amazing as are the paradigms … I’m iOS7 user, and everything always prefer the most current, but ironically I was stuck with the memory on the old iOS6 look feel…

I fully agree. Long live the new look!