Vaadin/Tomcat - session timeout

Not sure this is a Vaadin problem, but maybe someone can help me with it. I have an application that generates graphs using the Timeline addon. It runs in a Tomcat container. I have an option for the user to automatically update the graphs every couple of minutes. I use the ICEPush object to force the updates back to the client and that seems to work fine. However, if I walk away from the system, eventually it times out, even though the updates are being pushed continuously. Is there something I need to do within my application to keep it alive or is Tomcat doing something behind my back and ignoring the fact that there is communication between the browser and the server? Any suggestions for avoiding the timeout would be welcome…



Normally vaadin apps time out when the session expires.
How long a session is valid is defined in the servlet engine.
When no request commes from the client to the server, then this timer begins to decrement until it reaches 0.

To prevent this you can use this add on:


Thanks very much - I’ll give that a try…