Vaadin Timeline 1.3 is available

The Vaadin Timeline is data visualization tool for visualizing large datasets and graphs.
For more information visit
or check out the
Book Of Vaadin Chapter 17

This release contains several new features and enhancements, the most prominant ones being support for
touch devices, keyboard navigation and speed optimizations.

This release also brings the following enhancements over previous versions:

  • Mobile support with an easy to use touch controls (Fully compatible with Vaadin TouchKit)
  • 20% rendering speed improvement
  • Graph shadow support
  • Support for using alpha values in graph outline and fill colors
  • Improvements to the look & feel of the Timeline
  • Keyboard support
  • Customizable grid
  • Support for any date range (not just post epoch dates)
  • Better scaling from milliseconds to hundreds of years
  • A multitude of bugfixes

See the
in Vaadin Trac for a detailed change log.

Get the installation package from the directory site at
. Or, if using Maven or another build system the artifacts are available from the Vaadin Addons repository.

As always, when upgrading from an earlier version, you should recompile any custom widget sets and refresh your project in Eclipse. Also, enhancements to the theme might linger in the browser cache so make sure you refresh the browser cache as well.

The Vaadin Timeline is a commercial addon and is available under two licenses:
If your project is compatible with AGPL, you can use the add-on for free; otherwise you must acquire a sufficient number of CVAL licenses before the 30-day trial period ends.