Vaadin + ThreeJS

Hi, does anyone have experience with adding threeJS rendering of 3D object to vaadin 24 app? Is it difficult to implement?

Artur did a small prototype for Vaadin 14, it shouldn’t be hard to migrate it to Vaadin 24. GitHub - Artur-/threejs-vaadin: Simple example of using three.js and Vaadin 14

It’s hard to tell you if it’s difficult or not. It depends on what you want to do. Most of the work will be in Javascript.

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Would be nice to know what exactly are you planning to render? Some interrations as well?

WebGL itself is here to stay and proven to work, I’m using it in my hobby app via MapLibre GL integration (advanved OSS vector map component). So I’d guess it is “only” about building the intetration (or using the raw JS API direrectly, ~ pretty much what the referred example is doing).

I’m thinking about creating an app that would configure some product(similar to car configurator that some brands use). I need some simple rendering of 3D object and an ability to pivot around it with mouse and to add/remove it dynamically from the scene. Implementing ThreeJS doesn’t sound so bad, I have some experience with it and it’s probably a way to go for me.

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That should be fairly task if you handle both JS & Java :+1: Would be cool if you can shared the re-usable parts as an add-on in the Directory ;-) Don’t hesitate to ask help for that!