Vaadin+ // Theme Variants, Composites, Custom Components & Templates



Always interested in hearing what people need. Feel free to request stuff here or by creating an issue in the GitHub repo.


This is covering 98% of the mostly used/required/requested components. Thanks for putting all the components with a demo and the github link. My weekend will be to explore each component code you’ve in git and understand how you’ve used/created here. Thanks again for this great work and helping others.

This is great stuff. I wish I could like it more than once :heart:

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That’s very cool and I’m sure I can use many of those in my new modernization project starting in summer.

You can expect my contributions coming soon :wink:


Anything to achieve like this ? Showing NavItem as icons ?

This is really great! I can say just wow! Will be this published as Vaadin addon?

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