Vaadin, Spring Boot and static resources?


unsure whether this is a question too basic (apologize if so): Being into moving a modestly large Vaading (war-packed) application to Spring Boot, I am amazed to see things move along pretty smoothly, but I so far didn’t manage to get our static items, such as icons and stylesheets (which, in the .war world, live in src/main/webapp/VAADIN/themes) into the Spring Boot application. Can anyone enlighten me how Spring Boot needs to be configured / where these files need to be placed in order to actually have them accessible at runtime?

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Vaadin will find those from classpath as well, so adding that stuff to src/main/resources/VAADIN/… should do fine. Spring boot also has this “static” directory, but it might be hard to reference that stuff past Vaadin servlet. Works if you map vaadin servlet to a different location.



I also have a Vaadin Spring boot application (generating a jar file), however when I try to read a static file using:

String basepath = VaadinService.getCurrent().getBaseDirectory().getAbsolutePath(); new File(basepath + "/navigation.xml"); I get the following error during runtime, which is correct, because the file is in /src/main/resources and not in webapp.:
C:\Projects\xxx\src\main\webapp\navigation.xml (System cannot find the file)

Starting the application from Eclipse via

vaadin:compile spring-boot:run

Where is the configuration coming from that vaadin tries to search in the webapp folder?
Any hint would be appreciated.


        <relativePath /> <!-- lookup parent from repository -->













        <!-- For widgetset compilation, vaadin-client-compiler is automatically
            added on the compilation classpath by vaadin-maven-plugin so normally there
            is no need for an explicit dependency. <dependency> <groupId>com.vaadin</groupId>
            <artifactId>vaadin-client-compiler</artifactId> </dependency> -->

                    <extraJvmArgs>-Xmx512M -Xss1024k</extraJvmArgs>
                    <!-- We are doing "inplace" but into subdir VAADIN/widgetsets. This
                        way compatible with Vaadin eclipse plugin.  -->
                            <!--<goal>update-theme</goal> -->
                            <!-- disabled by default to use on-the-fly theme compilation -->
                            <!-- <goal>compile-theme</goal> -->



I’d suggest to put your resource to src/resources/ and then access it from classpath:

getClass().getResourceAsStream("/yourresource.xml") cheers,

Posted this post also to!/thread/9721905 which was the other post I found when investigating the issue of Vaadin with Spring Boot and custom themes.

Am posting this in case it helps anyone. Had a real problem with getting Vaadin custom themes to work with Spring Boot with a Jar deployment. The application worked fine in development in Intellij but when deployed to AWS no themes. The src/main/webapp folder wasn’t making it to the deployment Jar. I tried putting the webapp/VAADIN and just the VAADIN folder in /src/main/resources/, as per Spring Boot docs but that didn’t work either. Vaadin wasn’t finding the themes.

After a lot of experimenting with various Maven plugins, the following is currently working well. In the pom.xml, in the section (where you also define for spring-boot-maven-plugin and vaadin-maven-plugin), just add:

<resources> <resource> <directory>src/main/webapp</directory> </resource> </resources> One concern is that the Spring Boot docs ( explicitly tell you “Do not use the src/main/webapp directory if your application will be packaged as a jar. Although this directory is a common standard, it will only work with war packaging and it will be silently ignored by most build tools if you generate a jar.” I am hoping there are no negative consequences if you force src/main/webapp to be included.

The Vaadin docs say that “Custom themes are placed under the VAADIN/themes/ folder of the web application (under WebContent in Eclipse or src/main/webapp in Maven projects). This location is fixed” Perhaps Vaadin should allow a bit more flexibility for custom themes to be placed in the resources directory.

Give Vaadin 7.7 a try, it vastly improves Spring Boot integration. Themes in src/main/resources are now supported, among other things. Theme compilation also works without further configuration.

Does one create a webapp/VAADIN folder under src/main/resources/static?


@Jo src/main/resources/VAADIN is what I use