Vaadin spreadsheet


Im trying to integrate vaadin spreadsheet in our project . Everything is fine in sample projects that I have created . In pom.xml I added spreadsheet dependency after this I compiled the widgetset ,which was build success. when I run the ui actual spreadsheet is not getting displayed .

Find the attached files … This is how spreadsheet is displaying in my project.

Please, help me to fix this issue .

As I got the same problem several times whitle using Vaadin Spreadsheet, the only solution that i found is to reconfigure the project dependencies and check the versions.

Issue is fixed now … Problem was with the missing styles in my application.

Hi guys, sory to ask you, i wanted to post a question, but i did not find the option to post, can you please help me, i am new to this forum.

I think you posted a question now .

yes I found that +new topic button thank you. small favoru, is there any online chat with this forum, where we can see the online users, then we can easily comunicate?

I dont think there is online chat

OK. I have posted a qustion related to table with Link inside table, could you kindly have a look at it once if you have some free time.

Excuse me, but where do i find the +new Topic.
Sorry for posting this question here. . goto using the forums!/category/11560