Vaadin site kills my firefox


Since the update to version 19 I can (reproducibly) kill my Firefox wiht the Vaadin site. I just have to open
Vaadin Home
and open the links under “Recent Forum Activity” with the middle mouse button (i.e. in background tab). After some links Firefox hangs with 100% of one CPU. This also happens with Firefox 20 Beta, with a new profile, with all addons and plugins deactivated, and also at one of my colleague’s firefox. But I didn’t find another website with the same problem so far.

Anyone having the same problem and/or a solution? Because firefox sometimes even hangs when I open only one (forum) link.



I’m running Firefox 18.0.2 on OS X and can confirm the crashes. I’ve been experiencing them with the Forum pages as well as the Directory, although not exactly sure which one causes it (or both) since I usually have them both open in some tabs. The issue is tricky since it’s not that easy to reproduce. Seems to be most likely to happen when I open a few tabs into the background in quick succession.


This sounds bad.

It seems like this problem might have something to do with the fact that we’re changing some of our fonts away from Cufon, and to use webfonts directly. Apparently a script that is provided by the webfonts site causes problems with Firefox. I personally haven’t been involved in this change project, so unfortunately I don’t have that much information to give.

Thanks to both of you for reporting this issue. We’ll try to fix this asap.

This seems to be problem with served web-fonts we started to roll out on the site.

We’ll hold the roll-out until the the problem is investigated further.

Thanks for the report!

The issue should now be fixed. The webfonts provider indeed had some javascript that was poorly designed. We should now have worked around the problem.

While the issue is now fixed and deployed, it might take some time for the cached pages on the website to expire, so please be patient. If the problems still persists after a good while, i’d be interested in hearing more about it. But initial tests were unable to crash Firefoxes anymore in a test environment.

It works now, thank you :slight_smile: