Vaadin + PWA problem

My need is to make data available offline in a grid (populated by database).
I have adopted the solution, as per title, of the PWA framework. I’ve added the necessary files (app.js, sw.js, manifest.json), but when I click on the Chrome “Offline” checkbox, the application loses the data.

Can you give me examples of starting a Vaadin application that contains data in a grid, can you also work offline?

Thank you

Hi Giovanni!
The best example to start learning Vaadin PWA applications is the
Expense Manager Demo
I also recommend you, to read
this article
, that analyzes in depth, PWA applications.

There is also a webinar here!/thread/14018664

Best regards

Hi Martin and Marco.

Thank you for the reply.

I’m taking it as an example “Expense Manager Demo”. My problem is that in the Vaadin application I can not find, or rather do not know, extract the html files that I find under the src directory of the example. Much less the various json. I tried to run “polymer build” in the Vaadin project’s src directory, but without success.

What’s wrong with you?
Thanks again

Hi Martin.

But given a Vaadin project ready, with grids populated by a database, after executing “polymer build” from the root of the project, I have no result.
With all my chances I miss something.

Thank you

Giovanni, if you want to build the project locally and try it, you have to follow the
instructions of the GitHub page
An important thing to note, is that the demo uses Vaadin Charts, which will ask for a license. You can close the window to try out the app without a license.


I added that I followed the following tutorial:

When I put my browser offline and I refresh the page, I get the following error:
“Failed to load the widgetset: ./VAADIN/widgetsets/ws995…dd16/ws996…dd16.nocache.js?1499…180”

My fileToCache:
var filesToCache = [