vaadin icons in server side polymer paper-icon-button


I’m using the
Elements Add-on
to use polymer elements on the server side.
I implemented a PaperIconButton which works with the “src” attribute.

import org.vaadin.elements.Element;
import org.vaadin.elements.Elements;
import org.vaadin.elements.Import;
import org.vaadin.elements.Tag;

public interface PaperIconButton extends Element {
public static PaperIconButton create() {
return Elements.create(PaperIconButton.class);

public static PaperIconButton create(String icon) {
    PaperIconButton button = create();
    button.setAttribute("src", "/VAADIN/icons/" + icon + ".png");
    return button;

public static PaperIconButton create(String icon, String tooltip) {
    PaperIconButton button = create(icon);
    button.setAttribute("title", tooltip);
    return button;

[/code]I would like to use the “icon” attribute instead, so I can use the vaadin icons, e.g.: button.setAttribute("icon", "menu"); According to this link
I need to include the following:


[/code]How do I manage this on the server side? Use @Import like for the [url=] Demo [/url] PaperButton? [code] @Tag("paper-button") @Import("VAADIN/bower_components/paper-button/paper-button.html") public interface PaperButton extends Element { [/code]I can't use multiple @Import: [code] @Import("/VAADIN/bower_components/iron-icons/iron-icon.html") @Import("/VAADIN/bower_components/vaadin-icons/vaadin-icons.html") public class ViewerUI extends UI { [/code]Am I on the wrong track?