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Hi All

I’m after a little help, we have a java application supported by Vaadin. The application used to create a cookie on the users’ computer when they visited the application. When the cookie was created it would pop-up the cookie warning message.

However, all of a sudden it’s stopped, which has caused the application to stop working as it relies on the cookie to ensure the user is unique and has not already visited the site.

I’m in no way a java developer, however I can read and understand code. One of the .java files references the following packages, but I can’t seem to find them anywhere… Could anyone possible offer some assistance to a complete java/vaadin newbie?

import org.vaadin.browsercookies.BrowserCookies;
import org.vaadin.browsercookies.BrowserCookies.UpdateListener;

Seems like the application is using the BrowserCookies add-on made by Sami. The code for the classes is here:

The directory page is here:

Maybe your problem has to do with the add-on only being available for Vaadin versions 6.2+ and not 7 in case you updated the Vaadin version in your application