vaadin fields

Why, when I create one login form, my user type login and pass, the browser don`t ask to fill that fields automatic? just like another html forms? can I enable this?


Hi Fabio,

are you referring to TextField? And did you have a look here:!addon/autocompletetextfield-add-on ?


Most browsers will just recognize a login form if it is a plain and simple HTML form:


[/code]There are already tricks needed to have the browser offer the auto-fill or "remember password" function if AJAX is involved. If you want to have the same behavior in Vaadin use the Plugin [url=!addon/loginform] LoginForm [/url] from the Directory.

Supported features:
Firefox: Auto-completion and auto-fill (auto-fill since Firefox 26)
Chrome: Auto-completion and auto-fill
Safari: Auto-completion and auto-fill
IE: Auto-completion for IE 11+, no extra functionality for IE10 and below