Vaadin dCharts-Addon - reload dataseries

Hi everybody,

is there a way to reload the dataseries of a dcharts piechart?
When i change the dateseries values after creating the chart, the chart isn´t visible.

thanks for your help

SeriesDefaults seriesDefaults = new SeriesDefaults().setRenderer(
                new PieRenderer().setShowDataLabels(true));

        Legend legend = new Legend().setShow(true);

        Highlighter highlighter = new Highlighter().setShow(true)

        Options options = new Options().setSeriesDefaults(seriesDefaults)

        pieChart = new DCharts().setDataSeries(pieChartDataSeries)
        pieChartDataSeries.add("WARN", 23).add("ERROR", 0);

        return pieChart;

I don’t know what DCharts is, but have you tried calling pieChart.drawChart() ?

Here is the link to the dcharts addon site:!addon/dcharts-widget

there is no piechart.drawChart() - method :confused:

Ah, sorry I missed that part. In DChart there seems to be a replot call? You could also try contacting the addon author.

unfortunately i´ve already tried the replot method. but without any sucess.
i think i had to contact the author :confused:


im using also dCharts-Addon and pie chart for displaying data, but if i want to change the dataseries, the chart disappears.
Is there already a knowing solution?


I am also using the dCharts-Addon using barCharts with EnhancedLegend :

I am also in need of a working solution for this. I am creating 2 BarCharts in my application but after changing the " view " , one of the charts isn’t redrawn.
i have tried everything on it , replot(true,true), markAsDirty() setImmediate(true).
The chart is there , but it isn’t displayed.

If anyone is facing the same problem please post a reply. Thank you!