Vaadin Content Management System


What do you think, is there need for Vaadin based content management system? Vaadin 7 provides good foundation for many kind of sites. Ability to dynamically save navigation hierarcies, page layouts and WYSIWYG content to database would speed up Vaadin development considerably and also widen the possible usage scenarios for Vaadin framework.

Granted, you can already combine Vaadin with Liferay portal and other CMS systems but development in these scenarios is often difficult. Imagine the situation that there would be CMS or portal like functionality available inside Vaadin context. Developer could run everything easily inside for example embedded jetty. This would make the complete CMS site development as easy as that of Java console application.

If you would like to see something like this developed, please join the discussion and take a look at
Site Kit
. New addon project could be created which would extend Site Kit with storage backend and necessary UI components for content management. The login, user management, access control, privilege management and site construction from metadata already exist.

Content management systems tend to be relatively complex. Hence development effort would require careful scoping and a group of developers willing to co-author.