Vaadin combo box adding new item doesn't work until you click enter or tab

We recently upgraded to vaadin 7.5.5 from 7.4.5, we started seeing strange behaviour with combobox which was working fine before when using 7.4.5. Before when we added new item and shifted focus to different field it used to save new item but now after we add new item and shifted focus then item is not added to the drop down. It only works if you click enter after adding new item.
I’ve evidence to prove what I’m talking about (works the old way which uses 7.3-snapshot) (works only when you click enetr after adding new item, uses vaadin 7.5.x)

Is vaadin aware of this issue or vaadin team intentionally wanted the combo box to behave that way with newer version, if so is there a alternative to make it work old way?.

it’s a known issue, this behaviour is intentional, but the situation is not final, you can track progress here:

Best regards,

Thanks for your response.

you could also try an addon which was specifically created to tackle this problem:!addon/legacycombobox

Best regards,

Hi Budkin!
It’s really helpful to me and the information is being searched
Thank you so much
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