Vaadin Client-Side Updates

We have a case where we have a dynamic questionnaires. Based on the answer addition question are dynamically displayed.

We do not want every user action to be action on the server via the value change listener.

My preference is to collect the questionnaire definition on the server side based on business logic and download that to the client, the client then collects all of the user data and then the client submit the final questionnaire results to the server for processing.

I am looking at the Client-Side Vaadin Development but am not sure what direction to proceed.


I don’t know the specifics of your project, but I would at least try the standard server-side development approach first. A dynamic questionnaire sounds like a pretty much standard Vaadin server-side application.

The client side programming model is much less convenient, meaning you will need to work a lot more to get results. I personally mostly do client-side programming when I need some specific JavaScript or DOM manipulation effect that’s not yet supported by the framework or an add-on in the Directory. Unless you have a definite bottleneck you need to address, like a very slow network, doing all the work in client side will just rob you of most of the benefits of using the Vaadin framework.

To get familiar with client-side programming, I suggest taking a look at the add-ons in the
. The components there mostly have sources available and you can build them locally. You can also read more about client-side development in the
Book of Vaadin

Good luck!
Olli Tietäväinen
Vaadin developer