vaadin-client-compiler makes Tomcat Manager crash


I am trying to deploy a Vaadin application that depends on vaadin-client-compiler. When deployed Tomcat manager crashes, I think due to a conflic with the Jasper library.

I found a related ticket:

Artur Signell says in a comment that this library should only be used to compile the widgetset and not included in the war file.

Also, a related forum post:!/thread/3435138

My problem is that I have an optimized ConnectorBundleLoaderFactory wich is referenced from my widgetset. The ConnectorBundleLoaderFactory is a class and need the dependency to vaadin-client-compiler.

The only solution I found now is to completely get rid of this functionality. How could this be done? I am using a maven build.

Thank you in advance!



in your dependency. This way it shouldn’t end up in the .war