Vaadin CDI Java EE minimal version


We started use the Vaadin CDI add-on with a new application in summer. That time we thought that it will be supported on Java EE 6 containers like JBoss EAP (our client requires an officially supported application server).

Now I just read the updated
Book of Vaadin
and found this:
If you intend to use server push or the
Vaadin CDI add-on
, you need to use a
Java EE 7
compatible server with WebSocket support, such as Glassfish, Apache TomEE Web Profile, etc.

On the
Wiki page
there is a different statement regarding to the Java EE minimal version:
Use TomEE Web Profile or some other JavaEE 6+ server

On the
add-on page
there is no statement regarding to the required Java EE version.

We found that this add-on operates quite well on JBoss EAP, currently we have only one issue (

Would be so kind somebody to clarify for me what is the minimal Java EE requirement for Vaadin CDI add-on?

Is it safe to use on JBoss EAP? Will the issues solved for this platform?

Thank you,


I think this is a bug in the book. The whole sentence is somewow broken. Server push and Vaadin are separate topics and e.g. TomEE is not a Java EE 7 container. Vaadin CDI needs just a CDI implementation, e.g. plain tomcat + weld works, but Java EE server (6+), is naturally the right choise. JBoss or Wildfly should naturally work just fine.


Hi Matti,

Thank you for your reply.

Looks like the paragraph was somewhat incorrect.

It now reads: “A server supporting Servlet 3.0 is recommended. It is required for using Vaadin CDI, for which also a CDI container is required, a standard feature in Java EE 6 or newer servers. Server push can benefit from using communication modes, such as WebSocket, enabled by features in some latest servers. For Java EE containers, at least Wildfly, Glassfish, and Apache TomEE Web Profile are recommended.”