Vaadin call aplication with input parameter

i am working with Vaadin 7.6.6

My Dashboard is colling from an HTML page.
servelet I was implemented , doesn’t get input parameter . Implementation form my servic in servelet is this :

protected void service(HttpServletRequest request,HttpServletResponse response) throws ServletException, IOException {
super.service(request, response);
username= request.getParameter(“un”);
password= request.getParameter(“pw”);

I don’t know way I cannot get outher aplication’s parameters when first time click on it from server where is first sistem HTML page.

Please try to follow this tutorial:
. Then, just add the parameters as query parameters to the browserDetailsUrl and/or the serviceUrl, for example: “serviceUrl”: “myui/?un=anna&pw=annapassword”. That should make those parameters available in your service() method.


On server I have tomcat but on my machine it is 7.0.65 . I dont know is it problem
but when I deaploying my app on server , first start to execute custom UIProvider code after that service() in custom servlet. On my machine it is reverse , first execute service() , after that UIProvider code.

have you any idea ?



My problem are manifested on one more way.
If I deaploying app on tomcet 7 on Linox and start aplication servletInitialized() method is not called .
another, if I deploy aplication on my local machine where tomcat is 7.0.65 servletInitialized() method is execut in any way.
I am confused with it .

There is definitely something very weird going on in your setup. Servlet specification mandates that servletInitialized() method MUST be run prior the webapp is put to the service.

I start server’s applicetion by sending post call .
has it something to do ?