Vaadin Best Practices Webinar


The philosophy we have had when building Vaadin Framework has been to let users to choose the tools, practices and technologies they prefer to use with Vaadin. With maximal freedom of choice, people are able to use Vaadin in a way that suits well for their applications and development teams. While the most of us like the freedom, the lack of guidance one might get with a more opinionated approach leaves question of best practices wide open.

In this webinar, Marcus Hellberg and I will discuss some of these questions. While the executive summary of the upcoming webinar would be “it depends”, I hope we are able to help you avoid some of the common pot holes in the road ahead for choosing the practices that work best for your application.

We received a lot of good questions by people who signed up to the webinar - thanks. While are are not able to take more questions during the webinar, feel free to ask more in this thread and we’ll get back to you on those questions.

Any plans on creating the designer as stand alone? Outside of eclipse.

At the moment we are working on a Vaadin Designer version built for IntelliJ IDEA. While we have had discussions on building a stand alone and cloud version, neither is worked on at the moment. Maybe in the future…

Here are the links from the webinar:

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No live streaming for Germany - it is a pitty :frowning:

Unfortunately German does not allow Google to broadcast live with YouTube. You should be able to watch the webinar now when it has ended.