Vaadin application war file is not running in Tomcat 7

My application excutes successfully when I run it in eclipse. Widgetset got compiled successfully. All pages get loaded as expected.
But when I create a war file in eclipse and deployed it in the Tomcat 7.0/webapps folder and then run Tomcat, I’m getting the following error messages:

SEVERE: Exception fixing docBase for context
[/SampleResponsiveApp] C:\Program Files\Apache Software Foundation\Tomcat 7.0\webapps\SampleResonsiveApp\VAADIN\widgetsets\com.example.sampleresponsiveapp.widgetset.SampleresponsiveappWidgetset\3A3F399A095112F8B58229BB835C5B7E.cache.js (Access is denied).

SampleResponsiveApp.war has the following contents:


    2.1 themes
    2.1.1 sampleresponsiveapptheme
    ---- sampleresponsiveapptheme.scss
    ---- styles.scss
    2.2 widgetsets
    2.2.1 com.example.sampleresponsiveapp.widgetset.SampleresponsiveappWidgetset
    2.3 images

  3. WEB-INF
    3.1 classes
    3.2 lib
    — responsive-1.0.0.alpha1.jar [is the only jar file added and used by me]

      --- other jar files got generated while exporting the war from eclipse

    3.3 web.xml

       And following is the servlet configuration in web.xml
Sampleresponsiveapp Application com.example.sampleresponsiveapp.SampleResponsiveAppServlet Vaadin UI class to use UI com.example.sampleresponsiveapp.SampleresponsiveappUI Application widgetset widgetset com.example.sampleresponsiveapp.widgetset.SampleresponsiveappWidgetset Sampleresponsiveapp Application /* Sampleresponsiveapp Application /VAADIN/*

Please let me know how to get my application war file run successfully in Tomcat 7.

Thank you.

The exception says about some access problem. Make sure Tomcat is running with correct permissions and has access to the widgetset folder and files.

It could also be something else, I suppose. Is the file otherwise OK (not zero length or something)?

      The files are ok. The war files without widgeset are getting executed. But this application with compiled widgetset is not getting executed. Please find the attached zip file containing the compiled widgetset file.

Please let me know if you need any additional information.

I used the code given in the following link.!/thread/3993515 (2.07 MB)