Vaadin 8 Tree Table

From Version 8, removed classes Table and tree table
What can replace them in the 8.x without having to add compatibility with 7.x?
Especially interested in the tree)

As far as I know, Vaadin 8 TreeTable will be delivered with Vaadin 8.1.

Thats right. There will be a TreeGrid coming with 8.1, according to the devs :wink:

The Grid is already replacing the Table.

Note that you can already use the TreeGrid component with Vaadin 7:!addon/vaadin-treegrid

It’s the same one that will be included in Vaadin 8.1, more or less.


I have a lot of hierarchical tables in the project … with the events, actions, menu design … e.t.c …
Twice refactoring does not make sense

Let’s wait Vaadin 8.1
After many think