Vaadin 8 GridLayout Table view

Hi , I am currently struggling to build a table view using GridLayout. The reason we are using GridLayout is , the cell will further contain Vertical Layout which will hold Label & TextField ( a structure with rowspan/colspan). But I dont know how i can show table column and how i separate row/column using a line.

Any suggestion will be helpful.

I would start by looking the documentation of GridLayout here: GridLayout | Layout Components | Framework | Vaadin 8 Docs

Are you sure you need GridLayout? Maybe FormLayout could do as well. See: FormLayout | Layout Components | Framework | Vaadin 8 Docs

Hi Olli,

Kindly refer the below view I am trying to build.


The above view i dont think could be built using FromLayout. In that case every row has to be instance of FormLayout

Yes, that seems like it could be done with a GridLayout. If you’re comfortable working with HTML, another option to consider is CustomLayout: Custom Layouts | Layout Components | Framework | Vaadin 8 Docs