Vaadin 7 streaming in Grid


Is it possible to display a Grid (or another component that can display tabular data) to the user and stream data into it?
Here I am talking about streaming to server-side component (that in turn streams to client-side component but that is handled by Vaadin).

Thanks in advance!

Sure, this is possible. You need to use
Server-side Push

However, there are a couple of things you need to consider

  • You may have to limit your update rate. Don’t expect to be able update your Grid say 10 times per second. Conflating your updates is not something Vaadin can do for you, so you’ll have to do that yourself
    you hit Vaadin. If you absolutely know that yuur update rate is low (and will never burst) then you can disregard this bullet.
  • You’ll most likely need some kind of visual indication in the cells that have changed. Perhaps
    can help you.


Thanks Peter.

I am using so I would have to chunk it myself (possibly with an Iterator), but I now see that for my use case it can be better (performance-wise) to use paging in backend instead.