Vaadin 7 refreshes embedded web content when tabs changed on tabsheet

Our Vaadin application has a TabSheet which contains Tabs consisting of a VerticalLayout with Embedded external web content in it. In the Vaadin 6 version of our application the embedded pages kept their state even though the user switched between tabs. However, after Vaadin 7 migration, the user finds the tab refreshed (emptied to its initial state) when he/she returns to the tab. Our code has not changed in the migration which refers to the change being on Vaadin side.

We found the following issue from the tracker, so it seems someone else is also having problems with it:
Also there is an old post on the forum about this that no-one has replied to:!/thread/1935642

Has anyone found workarounds to this? Or Vaadin guys, any plans on fixing the issue? For our users this is a major problem since they currently can’t work with several tabs at once.

Has anyone else experienced the same issue with Vaadin 7?

I got the exact same behaviour. A ticket already exists but it is not attached to any futur release :

Yes. This is a huge problem for me. I’ve just finished converting my 6.x app for 7.1 and discovered this issue. In version 6.x, the divs containing the non-selected tabs simply had a visibility of “none” so the web pages stayed resident in the browser. Now, non-selected tabs appear to be removed from the dom altogether. Reconstructing the tab content is possible when the server maintains the complete state of the page, but this is not the case with embedded web pages. I need the old behavior back, or the tabsheet switching logic needs to be smart enough to keep browser frames resident in the dom.

I got the same problem. Is ther any news Of how to resolve?

did you try with @PreserveOnRefresh?

I got similar behaviour using SllitPanel putting to 0 and 100 (with .setSplitPosition(0)) in that case the browser doesn’t refresh and gets hide and the other content is show, the problem is that with split you can have only 2 components, then Tab behavior as was in 6 is better.

note @PreserveOnRefresh in this case didn’t make any difference

Same problem here. We have SVG drawn on tabs. You can add to it or move it around. When you select another tab and come back to the tab it refreshes the SVG back to what was drawn on the tab when the tab was created.

Any news on this?


Same behaviour here, when switching tab with an iFrame, content of the iFrame is re-init.
This issue is logged on ticket but is marked as “wontfix”.

What the matter ? Any news ?

Edit 03/03/14 : just found that refer to my issue but no activity on it

Yes, i too have the same problem with latest 7.1.10 and 7.2.4. in my case i have a table within the tabs and when switch tabs it refresh the whole tab and gives a while blank tab for few seconds and then renders the content again. @PreserveOnRefresh does not have any impact on the screen. any quick work around available.

The thread is quiet old but the problem still exist. I have the same problem in my application. Did anyone find a workout? Or is there an official solution to solve that problem?

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I’m having exactly the same problem as
Cup Of Tea
with Vaadin 7.3.4. The ticket mentioned in his post above is closed, but I do not agree. When I open a website in one Tab it should keep its state when I return to that Tab after visiting another Tab in the Tabsheet.
I’m wondering if any of the above posters has found a workaround in the mean time?

Any solution/workaround on this?
I think this should be left to the user to decide if he wants the tab refreshed or not.

Really bad on the API creator to restrict these kind of actions.

I’m running into this problem with any method of hiding/showing a BrowserFrame… in every circumstance, not just TabSheets, it refreshes. Any workarounds from the Vaadin team would be appreciated!

Any solution/workaround to that problem?

Same problem here please some one give us a solution because It’s critical to performance

Same problem

Exactly same problem here. Any solution/workaround?

Exactly same problem here. Any solution/workaround?

you should check out my work around…!/thread/8185261