Vaadin 7 grid - change value in one column based on value in another column

I’m using Vaadin 7 Grid component . There are 2 columns in grid and in both of the columns I’m using ComboBox.
I want to filter out values from 2nd column’s combobox based on selection in first combo box and also want to clear out it’s earlier selection.
User should be able to see all values if first comboBox’s value selection is cleared out.
Is it doable in Vaadin 7 , if yes , how?
Because if I add listener on first comboBox I don’t get reference of 2nd comboBox from there to change it’s containerDataSource and to clear it’s earlier selection.


One approach to this could be to use
GridFastaNavigation add-on
, in addition to keyboard navigation it adds row and cell edit events which could be useful in you case. I.e. you could catch the edit event and based on it modify the other column value.