Vaadin 7 - Do i need license ?

I just created a project from vaadin-archetype-application in Vaadin 7.
I am using Vaadin 7 since i have to work with JDK1.7.
After i built the project and run on jetty, it is throwing the error for license.

As per my understanding, license is required only for using add ons.
I am not able to find any addon being used in the sample “” file.

Wondering how i can run it without error? I am not looking to buy this at this point.

Vaadin 7 is no longer openly supported. However the support is continued under commercial terms, see Prime subscription at This means that version upto 7.7.17 are available as open source under Apache 2 for free. So if you need to use Vaadin 7 and do not want to pay, then just stick to that version, and everything is fine.

Thanks!! That was helpful.