vaadin 7 Applet help.

In my existing project I doing VAADIN 6. There I show Jasper Report in Applet using Applet integration. But When I migrate Vaadin 6 to Vaadin 7, I can’t show Jasper Report in applet veiwer using Applet Integratin addon. Please Any one help how I show jasper report on applet in vaadin7. @@@@Urgent

Bishwajit Barua

Well. The AppletIntegration Add-On is not updated to Vaadin 7 yet and the author is on a summer vacation (
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). So either you grab the source of the Add-On and rewrite/recompile it for Vaadin 7 (which i think is not the easiest thing although i’m not an expert on it as i never did it) or you wait until the author updates the Add-On or someone else makes a similar one for Vaadin 7.

Thanks Marius for your suggestion. But When I change the add on code there some problem…