Vaadin 7.7.13

Our current application that uses Vaadin 7.7.13 started to present a problem in production, displaying the message below, in the development environment in Eclipse it works very well, only when we build “mvn compile package”, we generate the War and we deploy in Tomcat is that the message appears and the application does not work.

Failed to load the bootstrap javascript: ./VAADIN/vaadinBootstrap.js?v=7.7.13

This month we started migrating the application to the latest version of Vaadin, but we need to keep the current version running just for bug fixes.

To give us an idea of what might be causing this?

You should check the server logs, and maybe the network tab and JavaScript console in the browser.

Now it has the same message also in the development environment



0:0:0:0:0:0:0:1 - - [08/Jul/2023:10:25:13 -0300] "GET /app/VAADIN/vaadinBootstrap.js?v=7.7.13 HTTP/1.1" 404 Seems that the vaadinBootstrap.js request returns a 404 file not found

The question is why did this start to happen, what is it configured wrong, we can’t identify the cause

Is it possible to connect remotely to check the configuration of our project?

Sounds like a job for commercial Vaadin support.

understand, would it be possible to hire a service to resolve this issue on time?

I recommend contacting the sales people to discuss that

Either through the chat box on the page, via email to or using the contact form at Contact

I’m making contact via chat to request the service