Vaadin 7.2.x issue with TabSheet

Since migrating application to Vaadin 7.2.0 (also tried 7.2.2) I have certain problem with TabSheet.

Users are unable to click on tabs, on mouse click instead of activating tab, tab text is underlined like in a href link.

When debbuging project not even TabSheet.SelectedTabChangeListener is triggered so it is most probably client side issue. (Widgetset was rebuilded to actual vaadin version)
It happens on all tabs, with or without icons.
I tried Chrome 35 and Firefox 29.
Interesting thing is that it does not happen always (cca 70%), and it can be temporarily “fixed” by refreshing page (F5 or ctrl+F5).
Migrating back to Vaadin 7.1.x issue disappeared.

I did not see similar issue yet around in forums or in opened tickets. Did anyone else encountered similar problem?

Tabsheet did get some updates in 7.2. Just to make sure, when you are switching between Vaadin versions you are always re-compiling the widgetset? You can check it by appending ?debug to the application url an verify that the client vaadin version is the same as the server vaadin version.

Besides that, this sounds like a regression worth making a ticket over at

Hi John, yes I made sure that widgetset is recompiled, I tried both 7.2.0 and 7.2.2 versions with full widgetset recompilation.

I have just posted a ticker

Got the same issue and it seems, this effect happens, if the parent widget ( HorizontalLayout ) is disabled and enabled again. Actually I downgraded to 7.1.15, where this effect does not happen.

Hi Bjoern, you are right, it is the reason, disabling and enabling parent layout damages tabsheet functionality.
I will update ticket description.

Great, hope a fix for this is provided soon.
Like you, I experienced this effect not in all cases but I did not found out the reason, when it appears.


I faced similar issue with Vaadin version 7.2.0, following is the URL to Vaadin forum Post!/thread/7642217

Kunal Patil