Vaadin 14 and Liferay 7 compatibility

I have been trying to run a Vaadin 14 app in Liferay 7.3 without luck.

Then I have found what you call “OSGI base starter project” in Vaadin 19 that it is supposed to run in any OSGI container, but it seems that something is missing or still not compatible with Liferay 7.3.

This is what I get when trying to install it:
Could not resolve module: com.example.osgi.base [1370] _ Unresolved requirement: Import-Package: com.vaadin.flow.component; version="[6.0.0,7.0.0)"_ [Sanitized]

If it is compatible
Do I need somehow create a bundle with these missing dependencies?
Would this work for Vaadin 14?

I really appreciate any help.
Thanks in advance.

We recently published a blog that describes what is currently supported and what is not. In short, there is a way to use non-OSGi portlets in Liferay 7.3, and that part works with the current portlet add-on, but not the OSGi portlets yet. There is also link to example project in the blog

Hi Lois,

The link Tatu gave you the right information on the status. Nothing radical has changed yet, but we have progressed with OSGi compatibility. But generic Vaadin OSGi (http whiteboard specificaition) compatibility as shown in the OSGi base starter is not enough for Liferay.

Also, we haven’t yet backported OSGi stuff to 14 series as we want to first make the solution work well in master branch. There is a slight change that the backport to 14.x series gets too complicated, but currently I’m still hopeful to get OSGi to 14 series as well.


Thanks Tatu and Matti for your quick answer and help.
I will try to use that add-on and let see if it is enough, while OSGI support is ready.
Thanks again!