Using Vaadin Timeline in mobile Application (Touchkit)

Hello !
I am currently developping a Vaadin web-application using TimeLine.
I am thinking about using Touchkit in order to transform my web application into a mobile one.
Is it possible to use Timeline within a Touchkit mobile application ?

Thank you !


Technically the Vaadin Timeline should work just fine with Touchkit. But unfortunatly the current version of the Vaadin Timeline (1.2.4) has not yet been optimized for touch devices so scrolling the Timeline or zooming is not yet available.

However. we are currently working on getting that done for the next minor version (1.3.0) which should be released in about a month or so. After that the Timeline should work nicely on mobile devices as well.

Thank you very much for your answer John.
I will have a look on how it looks like know, and if it s not enough I will probably wait for the next release.


A happy to say that the
Vaadin Timeline 1.3
is now available with mobile support as well :slight_smile:

Great job, i will try it out :slight_smile: ! Thanks !