Using Vaadin 6.7 and 7 in the same portal?

This is a very beginner’s question.
We’re developing a Liferay portal, which portlets use the latest version of Vaadin 7 framework.
We also have a need for a “map portlet”. I’d like to use the Vaadin Openlayers Wrapper for developing it, but the current version only has a full support for Vaadin 6.7
So - can we have portlets using different versions of Vaadin in the same portal?

I don’t think it’s possible to mix Vaadin 6 and 7 in a portal.

Have you checked if the
V-Leaflet add-on
works for your purpose? It’s for Vaadin 7 and is nowadays used in Vornitologist for the same purpose as OpenLayers used to be. There could be some other add-on that works for the purpose.

Thanks a lot! Seems promising!
Any other map add-ons you would recommend?
We’ll need to render air pollution trajectories on map, but won’t need much or any interactive functionalities.
All the main browsers (IE, FireFox, Safari, Chrome) should be supported.

As far as I know, V-Leaflet is currently the only Vaadin 7 compatible map add-on. It’s experimental, and may not have been tested much on other than webkit-based browsers, but
Leaflet is supposed to support
a wide range of browsers and it seems to work ok in Vornitologist. Note that the V-Leaflet add-on may not support all Leaflet features yet.