Using Uilder


First, I would like to say that I’m impressive by Vaadin!
As a Groovy/Grails developer I think that Grails/Vaadin is a very great combination (I’m aware of the VGrails project and its Vaadin builder, and also the groovy-vaadin integration).
I also tested Vaadin for writing portlets JSR-286 deployed in Liferay 5.2.3, and it’s really powerful.

I would like to test Uilder in order to create a demo to illustrate a technical article on Vaadin, but have seen you can only use it if you invited. And I would be really happy to be invited.

Thank you for Vaadin!


Sure, I’ll send you an invite, but I’ll need your email address for that.

Thank you very much! Here: bertrand.goetzmann [at]

Hi Jouni. Is there any chance for me to get an invitation? I would really appreciate that. I’m the author of enterprise-app add-on and would like to publish my demo app using uilder. alejandro.d.a [at]


Well, sir, you’re in luck! I just happened to have one invitation left, so I sent it to you.

But do note, that Uilder hasn’t been updated in “decades”: it’s still running Vaadin 6.1.1, so you’re demo app most probably won’t even run on it (and also, it doesn’t support add-ons).

Other options for you demo hosting would be Jelastic, Heroku, Cloud Foundry or Google App Engine (and a bunch of other I suppose). Some of those offer a free plan, I think.

Thank you Jouni! I just joined uilder.

Any chance to upgrade uilder to the last version of Vaadin? What if you open-source it? I would love to work on it (What would Sami say?).

I’m currently using Cloud Foundry to host my demo app, but It’s likely that they will close free accounts at some point. GAE has some limitations in regard to their white list, and I could not find any free plans for Jelastic and Heroku.

As always, Vaadin team doing a great job:


Could anyone send me an uilder invitation? I have the same account id on gmail as here (zsuzsanna.kokai).

Thx in advance,